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CH Belisarius JP My Sassy Girl, "Lucy," winner of Reserve Best in Show at
Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday February 16, 2016.

Lucy wins RBIS


Lucy Wins the Breed and Hound Group 1 again, competing
three years in a row at Westminster Kennel Club dog show!

Kucy wins Westminster again!

Lucy 2018

Top winning Borzoi in history, breaking an 83 year record held by a male, Vigow of Romanoff.

Number One Hound in the Country!

Myself with the great "Mikhailya", the dam of Tresor and Magnus; Magnus who was the sire of Lucy.


Lucy's sire, Magnus
BISS BIS Int Ch Majenkir Magnus of Blyss
Dec. 8, 2008 - Aug. 31, 2017



December 8, 2008 - December 9, 2017


Lucy's Group Rosette

Lucy at 2017 Wesstminster

Lucy BOB 2017 Westminster

2016 Memories

Lucy wins the BCOA National Specialty!

Lucy wins BCOA

Lucy and her WD-winning son

her son Vinto was Winners Dog as well

*Special News & Congratulations!*

CH Belisarius JP My Sassy Girl, "Lucy," winner of Reserve Best in Show at
Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday February 16, 2016.
It came about as a joint effort with myself, Karen Staudt-Cartabona, Majenkir Borzoi, and
Mai Ozeki Hirai, Belisarius Kennels, that produced this outstanding borzoi bitch "Lucy." 
She is our "Mikhailya’s" grand-daughter, sired by her puppy, "Magnus," from her sole litter in December 2008.

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Lorene and her trio of BorzoiIn 2003, my late husband, Bob Dwyer, and I had the opportunity to purchase a borzoi and enter their  world, and that of showing dogs in conformation.  His name was Lara's River of Dreams, "Casanova."  The details of his life are available on the Blyss Kennels website.  That was the beginning.  Additional borzoi and a great passion for the breed followed.  The website celebrates each of our dogs and documents the efforts with which we pursued both excellence and joy in our kennel.

However, in March 2011, Bob died suddenly.  Although not the first tragedy to befall, that one had the greatest impact, setting into motion mandatory changes for the kennel.  Being alone with four borzoi, "Tresor", "Mikhailya," "Paris" and "Casanova," I had many difficult decisions to make.  I left my majestic house at the top of the first ridge of the Watchung Mountain behind.  First, I found a loving home for Tresor with local, dear friends, assuaging that pain considerably.  Then I settled in an area of town that was previously farmland, so it was on flat land, something very different from our heavily wooded property on the Watchung Mountain's first ridge.  The house I picked out for us had been newly renovated to be a charming country cottage with a deck and a fenced back yard.  In December 2012, with heavy heart, I abandoned Blyss House with my three remaining borzoi, "Casanova," "Mikhailya," and "Paris".   The next  morning on their first walk, the neighbors all came out to meet the borzoi!  They were welcomed by all and made their first friends.

I know they loved it here, brief as their time was.  We all lived together in one rather small space.   However, I have learned change is constant and that did not pass me by again.  It was during this first year, the summer of 2013, that both Casanova and Mikhailya passed away.  I wished they could have stayed longer to enjoy this lovely home I selected with them in mind. Paris, always the gentleman borzoi, remained for another year, until June 2014, and again there was another and final sad good-bye. 

Tresor, Jelly and Lorene
Lorene with Tresor and Jelly


I have noticed that since Bob died, I have spent a great deal of time writing in Blyss Blog. View my writings online at  www.Blysskennels.us/blyss_blog.

Lorene with Mikhailya, Casanova and ParisI reminisce, muse, and weep about my experiences with my borzois as if they were an old, trusted friends. I also speculate about borzoi, the breeders, the shows, and the future of the breed.

Blyss Blog is where the current news of Blyss Kennels can be found, complete with new stories and photographs. This will be the last updated Home Page unless I acquire future borzoi that will revitalize  my kennel.  There is always the hope that I can have a borzoi from the line of Mikhailya's one puppy, the Champion Dog who has accomplished so much in Japan for the Belasarius Kennel of Mai Oseki Harah, "Magnus/Max", a BIS winner, and a producer of BIS get.  Mikhaiya's death in July 2013 in no way diminished her winning star and breath taking beauty that live on through them. 

I know someday, even Blyss Blog over which I toil so assiduously will no longer exist. I know I should create a Facebook Page, a more current and popular medium, for greater longevity!  And I can only hope for the self discipline to become a real author and create a book from all of these stories. I have set a high barre for myself, I know.  If not, I fear that all I am or have been will have been irrelevant; even my "foot-print" in cyberspace will disappear forever. Those things sadden me because I really have nothing I want to say other than about Blyss Kennels.  I have no interest beyond it, or no one to whom I want to have to explain it.  I want to thank my readers whom I know visit in large numbers and to whom I am grateful. Blyss Kennels, my life, has been the best of me, has taken the best of me, has been all of me. In my life, Blyss Kennels had the most of my heart. 

Interested people are always welcome to contact me and I welcome messages. 

Lorene Connolly