Home to Beautiful Borzois in the Watchung Mountains in Mountainside, New Jersey

Robert passed from this world too soon on March 19, 2011

Surrounded by those who loved him.

A Memorial to Bob

Bob and two of his beloved Borzoi

Robert M Dwyer
At peace with his dogs

If it is said that every star is unique,
Then there will never be another like you.
Even now as you look down on all of us,
Probably laughing, you still have a way of shining a special light.
It imparts attributes we can only dream about accomplishing
For ourselves but for you were effortless:
Tranquility, inner peace, Zen harmony,
Acceptance of life in all its permutations.

But you left us much too soon, that is for certain.
There was so much left that you had to teach us.
How did you do it, I wonder.

Order of Service:
Rev. Vanessa Southern Officiating

Family and friends are invited to share the memories
of Robert

Majenkir My Ksar Mikhailya.      The White Hound.      "Mikhailya".
Maxine Bochnia, MFD DigiArt

Tho' you are gone
Your Hounds will always love you.
Your image is burned into their hearts
They wait every day for you to return and love them
Again and take them running in the forest
Just beyond our house at dawn.
Instead, their wait is futile for you will never return
Again, and  they are left with only me.

The white Hound understands this by now.
Still, she searches for you everywhere
Among the hidden paths among the trails
That criss-cross the mountains, encircling them,winding up and down
The ravines and precipices throughout the woods,
Her world.  Into water she runs gaily with her puppy
In search of traces of you,precious traces that may have been left behind
On those Oh so happy days, just the two of you ...

Her rest is haunted. You are still together in her dreams.

Tresor - 20 months of age
Blyss O'Majenkir Heavenly Treasure      "Tresor""      Mikhailya's puppy @ 20 months of age.
Maxine Bochnia, MFD DigiArt