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Blyss Kennel: Gratitude and Reminisces, Champion Dog Tresor

I had not mentioned in any previous postings that when I placed “Tresor” in March 2011, he only needed three points to complete his Champion Dog title. This was part of the reason I always thought of him and later, wished to have him back. I always felt connected to this special borzoi and never gave up on the possibility that someday, somehow, that would be accomplished. With his sudden return in July 2015, that possibility could be realized.

However, accomplishing this title was a team effort. Two very dear and close friends (Jennifer and Roni Zucker of Raynbo Borzoi), assisted me with the work of completing his title; as did Frances Wright of Bibikov Kennels, his very talented handling instructor, Stacey LaForge-Gross, and his trainer, Nick Valentino. So, it was a group effort, not to mention the day in and day out work of caring for him, a great deal of which is done by my boyfriend, LT.

“Tresor” earned his Champion Dog title during the following events and under the following judges:

8/28/2015: Newton Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog and Best Opposite (1 point)

(Mrs. Janet Lobb)

8/29/2015: Newton Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog (1 point) (Mr. Houston Clark)

8/30/2015 Sussex Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog, & Best of Winners (2 points)

(Mr. Hal Bierman)

My special thank you goes to Mrs. Janel Lobb, Mr. Houston Clark, and Mr. Hal Bierman for recognizing the quality of my borzoi, “Tresor”.

I am overjoyed for these accomplishments for “Tresor”. Yet today, I reminisce.

I think of “Tresor”’s great dam, CD Majenkir My Ksar Mikhailovna, “Mikhailya”, whom my husband loved so much and she him. I remember how she grieved for him when he died, and had to live another two years with me and was not happy.

I remember the cruel day I had to give up “Tresor”. And then, I sent “Paris” away too.

There were so many hard things like that I had to do and do alone, over and over again. After a while, I felt nothing anymore.

Today, it is strange how so many very sad, terrible things have gone away into the past like last autumn’s leaves. I think how wonderful it would be if “Mikhailya” had lived longer to see “Tresor” return to Blyss. “Mikhailya” herself was a Champion, and I hope somewhere, somehow, she too knows her much loved son earned his Champion Dog title today. I hope somewhere else in the universe of time my husband knows “Tresor” came home in July and that he finished his title. Yet we must accept life on its terms and we shall never know. The universe is very grand and mysterious, and it is not for us to understand how it works. Therefore all of these strange and diverse things are possibilities. Most importantly of all, Tresor came home.



Where we end up at Blyss

It seems odd that I have worked so hard at having a beautiful home to live in, including residing in a beautiful town, which includes spending a king’s ransom on renovations for each home, as if I were a multi-millionaire, which I am not.   And, in spite of spending the most on Blyss House, the house located on the first ridge of the  Watchung Mountains, no sooner was it spent than it had to be sold.  Today, I find myself here downsized at the foot of that same mountain.   It is only a mile away but a million miles in terms of how I live.  Gone is the glass adorned house that so generously gave me all the brightest of sunlight, so high above the ground that your vista was the tops of the trees.    Gone is the splendid view of the mountains rolling into the western horizon, green undulations in spring and summer, colored in fall, black in winter, but always compelling.  How often did I sit there in my living room and gave thanks to all I had: husband, house, borzoi.  Why did it have to end?  But end it did.

In downsizing, I did my best to keep things as close to just the same as I could.  I found a very dog-friendly house with a fenced back yard.  The house was for the three remaining borzoi first.  I have no doubt they approved and were happy there.   The only sadness was the death of Mikhailya too soon, the following June.  I did not expect that.

The neighbors had grown fond of her, and acknowledged her passing with kind words, flowers and cards.  I was so moved.  I thought they did not like me, but then I knew I was wrong.  Somehow, I had come home.

Blyss Kennel’s lost borzoi, Tresor

It has been nearly two months that Tresor was returned to us from his former home in W——-.  Surprisingly, he was returned to us by owners whom we believed would give him his forever home.  Although I will never really know the reasons why, I have some speculations.  Still, I can only wonder what Tresor really thinks and feels about all of this.  Overall, he acts like a happy borzoi in every way.  He loves to do all the things dogs love to do, such as eating, going out for walks, meeting new friends, and so forth.  However, there is one thing that makes him different.  He is the lost champion of the one Blyss Kennels litter, “Mikhailya’s” son, who was given to my husband and me to keep by N5, and only three points away from his title when my husband died suddenly and I needed to place him.

He was returned to us in amazingly good condition for a dog who lived as a pet, even intact, so we will be trying once again to earn those elusive three points.  Better still, I live in a house and have a partner all suited to having him here, to live out his days in happiness.   Our dear friend and mentor, N6, will handle him in the ring.  Although Tresor is not returning to the original beautiful “Blyss House” of his puppy days, I have a beautiful home to offer him nonetheless.  These are all great benefits to bestow on this vagabond borzoi.

Still, I long for the days of walking in the door and seeing three, four, or five angelic borzoi heads looking up at me in those special, loving expressions that only they can express.  I was surrounded by them, and I spoke lovingly to each one in their own special words that only they understood.  Here, I have two now, and I know I should be grateful for that.  Six months ago, I had none.    But I have been through much and lost more.  I no longer feel human but more ethereal myself, half ghost, half human.  I wonder and dare to hope that my two Perfections will humanize me again and make me believe everything is alright in my world.  I have more days of joy, but in an instant’s mishap, I am plunged again downward, all the way so much so that I no longer recognize myself.  It can be a harsh word from someone dear, or getting lost and missing a meeting, or news about my brother, or in the past, something my mother did that caused me pain.  My borzoi and my kennel that supported them closed out the worlds where I no longer dwelled or fit in.

When one by one I realized my friends were not my friends, I gave them up without remorse.  After all, I had my borzoi to love.  When I believed with finality my mother’s hatred of me was absolute, again, I had my borzoi to love me.  When my marriage disappointed me, I had Opal until……  well, that did not work out quite as planned.  But in time, even I healed and the marriage endured, only to be robbed of my husband a few years later when he was stricken with a lethal cancer. But I know I loved my husband by the end of his life for all he gave to me and for his courage and strength.  And miraculously, I even earned my bitter mother’s all-too-late love before she died, as she wondered out loud how wrong she was for treating my sister and me so badly, but she did not know what she was doing.

My life has been a canvas of swirling designs of varying colors, each color being another person.  None of my relationships has been “straight”, or going in a straightforward direction.  Many of the colors or patterns come abruptly to an end. They were always circuitous, or in wavy designs, going here and there, all over the place.  There were no patterns of simplicity.  To look at it was dizzying, was nauseating.  And so, I decided after my mother’s death last year to find another borzoi.  It was my darling “Jelly” from N26, and she has come here to live at Blyss.  Then, in early July Tresor came home to me bringing me endless joy.

I can still go down and break but there is so much more to get up again for, to do.  Not to get up again is not an option for me anymore.  I have two borzoi now that need to be fed, walked, brushed, and all that.  They are what matters most.  Then comes everything else.  No one is complaining.   I am not letting anyone down.  I am mine and my borzoi.  With the return of Tresor, that is the whole of it.