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Blyss Ruminations; Life is Fragile; Blyss Opal and Blyss Tresor

As the days and weeks have passed caring for Tresor with his neck pain condition, I am brought back in time to when we had Blyss Opal (Raynbo Opalesque at Blyss) in 2006 and learned she had a terminal illness.  Although the two diagnoses are total different, Tresor’s condition reminds me of how fragile life, health and happiness are.  My Tresor does not understand why he has so much pain when he tries to move around, or simply change a position he is lying in.  He does not understand why he cannot go on his walks that he loves so well.  He only knows a great deal of rest and confinement, and that is unnatural for a young, healthy borzoi.

Yet his illness is guilty of bringing me back to a dark place.  It makes me recall what it is like to lose a most beloved pet as Tresor surely is.  I must be strong but I foresee it will be hard to practically impossible to face the end of his life.  Tresor is a very special and dear dog to me, what they call a “Heart Dog”, meaning he holds a special place in my heart.  It is a place only held by Opal, ten years ago.  So, just seeing ahead, this parting will not be easy, however it happens.

I will try to think of happier things to fill my mind, such as his overall good health, as well as that of my own.    Even that has not been easy for me of late.  Suddenly everything appears challenging and difficult for me.  I suppose the reason is because I love something that is so separate from myself, meaning my borzoi, that I cannot control what they do or what will happen to them.  They are at the mercy of destiny,  tossed around like my “Hounds of the steppes…..”  so how can it be otherwise?   They are here one day and gone the next, in a heart beat.  I know this yet still, I am heavily weighed down with much on my mind that I cannot articulate well.  Yet, in the present, I am doing my best to enjoy them every minute they are here.

I will try harder to dwell in the present positive, such as being evoked in the blessing:

In our comings and in our goings, may the light of love shine upon you

Come forth from within you, be gracious unto you, and bring you peace. 

For this is the day you’ve been given. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

And ignore the toxic memories of the past that intrude into my present thoughts, as articulated in the beautiful song, “Name”, by the Goo Goo Dolls:

“Even though the moment passed me by, I still can’t look away

Saw the dreams you never thought you lose tossed along the way;

Scars are souvenirs you never lose, the past is never far.

And I won’t tell no one your name.”


Blyss Tresor Upate

Tresor, after having been taken to the veterinarian twice now and been prescribed several medications, some for pain management, is doing somewhat better.   Good news is that he is not systematically ill, nor does he have any kind of tick-borne disease.  Although the cause of the pain in his neck still is elusive, we are all hoping for the best, that is, that he threw it out, and has a pain from it, and the cause is not due to a serious neurologic problem, such as a cervical disc anomaly.

I endeavored to walk him a short distance both yesterday and today, and he did rather well.  He wants to get up and go out, he is a borzoi, after all!  He is finding it difficult to accept his confinement.  I have ordered him a certain kind of a harness that should help him, and us, with his walking.  This should alleviate any further pressure on his cervical spine or musculature in that area, and he should be on a positive projectile toward healing.  It is sad to hear him cry out in pain, and cry out he does.  He lets me know every time he hurts, and expects me to come to him immediately to comfort him.  He is still so reminiscent of the little pup I had in the whelping box.  He would always look to me for comfort or assurance, as if I could fix anything if it went wrong.  Today, he still trusts me that way.  I am overcome with the feeling that I must not let him down – ever.  How I love him!


The change in the FB photo from Blyss Opal to Blyss Jelly


Lorene & Opal, 1 year old.With enormous difficulty, I decided to change my long running FB photo of myself with Opal to one with myself with Jelly.  I said the time was right now, that Jelly deserved that honor, not that Opal mattered less, but that Jelly was the deserving borzoi in my life now.  I want to thank my many FB friends for their kind and wise messages regarding my new cover photo and my relationship with Opal.


I think the past ones enrich us for the ones that come later. We learn so many lessons from them, even if they leave too soon. I don’t appreciate Opal any less, it’s just that I want to cherish Jelly more – she deserves that much from me for all she gives. Some FB Friends took the time to write to me this week and shared their memories of special borzoi who had passed from their lives and how they were coping.  I appreciated their sharing that with me.  Over the years, I have been very open about what happened to me when Opal died.  Her death was a unique experience in my life that I could not accept at the time for other sad reasons.  They caused me not to be able to cope well when she died.  But in life, regardless of the level of its difficulty, we must accept it on its terms, whatever they are.  And life is very hard.  Because life is for the living, one must go on.  There is nothing else to say or do about it.

Today, because I persevered, I went on to breed the litter with our beautiful Majenkir bitch, “Mikhailya” to N-5’s CD Majenkir Regal by Design “Regal”.  That litter gave me my darling “Tresor” and N-5’s CD Majenkir Magnus O’Blyss “Magnus”/”Max”.  “Mikhailya” proved her greatness in the whelping box as well as the conformation ring.  Majenkir borzoi quality went up a rung because of her by number of the Best in Show borzoi and hunt performance titles her get and their descendants produced.