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October 1, 2016: Morris & Essex KC Match Show!

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 1, 2016, is the date of the Morris & Essex Kennel Club Match Show with ancillary events including Meet the Breeds.


"Tresor"; also known as "The Tre"
“Tresor”; also known as “The Tre”

This year it is being held near to the site of its original grounds, The Dog Field in Madison!  These were the grounds of the former estate of Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, 1892 – 1973.  She was a great dog fancier in her time and established the Morris and Essex Kennel Club.  Some of the grandeur of her day will be revitalized in tomorrow’s events in Madison, NJ, where she resided.  My main borzoi breed club, Borzoi Club of Central New Jersey, will be holding a Match and hosting a Meet the Breeds there tomorrow.  It should be great fun.  Hoping the weather holds out, meaning, hoping it does not rain.   Sadly,  I will not be bringing any dogs.  How I wish I could bring Tresor.  He is a wonderful ambassador for his breed, as was his great dam, “Mikhailya”, however he is  too dog dominant to be around so many other dogs and would make a grand fool of himself and embarrass both his mistress and co-breeder.

Additional Blyss Kennels News regarding “Lucy” and “Vinto”

I want to share the knowledge that has brought me so much joy of late.  Since last writing at the end of August, and it is now the end of September, the dazzling show bitch, “Lucy”, has continued to win Best in Show placements in California.

Lucy wins more BIS!
Lucy wins more BIS!

And not only her, but her son, Vinto, although he has been sent back home to Japan.  It was reported on Facebook Monday that he has just won two Best in Shows.

More BIS for Vinto!
More BIS for Vinto!

Yesterday, Monday, September 26, 2016, Mai Ozeki Hirai posted a photograph of our “Magnus” himself on Facebook, “Max” to them, with an accolade.  Yes, it is a true story that really happened to Blyss Kennels.  I can only look back upon our “Mikhailya”, the dam of Magnus, purchased from the Majenkir Borzoi kennels of Karen Staudt-Cartabona, with gratitude.

Majenkir O'Blyss Magnus "Max"!
Majenkir O’Blyss Magnus “Max”!