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Blyss Kennels between Christmas 2016 and the New Year 2017

If there was ever a difficult week to be alone it is this one.  All of the surrounding bushes so alive with either blossoms in the spring or their autumnal dried flowers in the summer or fall have the unequivocal  beyond a doubt look of dead.  It is hard to believe they will ever bloom again.  Today, when I walked Jelly throughout the neighborhood, I even  passed a house where the Christmas tree was already on the curb.  If there ever was a day when everything was past tense, it is today.  The words were even spoken by me in a conversation with a close girl-friend, out of my control, “….I never dreamed I would be a widow in my retirement…..”   only my husband, unlike the shrubbery and the perennials will not be back in the spring.  And now, I will be cold every day for the next four months, no less.

With those dark thoughts expressed and out of the way, I do look ahead to what might be ahead.  Tresor turned eight in December, and Jelly turns seven in April.  I adore my two borzois and their companionship is my utter sanity and only joy.  I awaken to their frolicking and joy if I am not up early enough for their taste.  I lavish love upon them both.  There is no better way to start the day.

But more than anything, 2016 will be remembered for the spectacular success not of Blyss Kennels but of its derivative, where the son of our “Mikhailya”, “Magnus”, was sold, to Belisarius Kennels of Japan, to Mai Ozeki Hirai.  Not only did Magnus win magnificently well for the kennel, his offspring were even more spectacular, that being his daughter, “Lucy” and her son, “Vinto”.  There is no reason to believe these spectacular accomplishments will not carry over to 2017.  In fact, they are expected to.  “Lucy” will be at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show again in February, and at the Borzoi National Specialty Show in Maryland in May.  Vinto may even make another appearance as well.

I wish all the readers of Blyss Blog Encore a Happy New Year.