A Blyss Poem, poetry again at Blyss

It’s cold outside …. the snow is deep but my heart is warm and at peace.

And though many months may stand between me and the summer’s

Blessed shore my faith sustains me to its distant destination.


My errors behind my humanity haunt me. Yet

‘Though they may pave the ever new miles with contrary directional signs

No one knows exactly where I go. So I step aside and fool them by and by.


Where love is given in full measure solitary though I may be today and

Solitary though I may be forever, Silent, cold, effervescent, quivering with life

An empty hand is always visible, open for what will be my tomorrow.


I have learned sadly that life is not all about me.  My concerns pale next to those of others whom I know even casually.  It is wrong for me to care so much about myself.  This is a lesson I am coming to learn late in life.   I can only try to think less about myself, to reach out more, to give more, to be more to others, even if they do not ask.    I see the flaws of others around me but instead of being repulsed I wonder why, or how they came to be that way and I feel only compassion.   I know they  must suffer, and perhaps a great deal more than me.