A Christmas Wish at Blyss, still without a Borzoi

Another day, no week, no month…..year….. and still I wait…. Wait for I don’t know, that special email message in my in-box, or a message in my voice-mail, or a person even, yes, ringing at my door.  That’s it that special person. I always find the ones for whom I am their special one and they get the benefit not me. But for me, my very own special one to trust guiding the rudder of my life.   Moreover,  I am his because we are one and the same.  We are best of friends from the start, without any fake “tests”, or “games” or “pretenses”, or evaluations as hard to score over 800 as on the GREs or LSATS.   For those kinds of men, I never get the job! But truth be told, I have never met this person nor has he met me.

” And if I did, I wouldn’t tell them your name!”  (Goo Goo Dolls, Name).

“Scars are souvenirs you never lose, the past is never far.”  (Goo Goo Dolls, Name).

And because my life is so banal that there is a place in it called Blyss Kennels.  In cyberspace, there is also Blyss Blog Encore, to read about the kennel and my life in it.   There is soon to be a new borzoi  named “Jelly”, a four year old bitch, a finished champion whose owner said she can come to Blyss.  She is of the Majenkir style, and very much to my taste in every way, outward appearance and temperament.   Addressing a current health problem is keeping me from having her here now because I want to wait until I am available to spend time freely with her at home.  I am looking forward to doing many things with her.  I also look forward very much to having her to write about instead of the stale topic of myself and my dull world, a lifeless, friendless world, especially without a borzoi.  Slowly, I am making some friends, but they usually center on my sister and a new woman who recently entered our lives whom we met through our late mother.  That’s it, no one else is trustworthy, I’m afraid.  It’s a small and tight circle.  Jelly will have her designated space in it marked with a star.