A Rare Complaint at Blyss Kennels

Here we are nearly at mid-August, and a heat wave heavy with humidity has struck New Jersey.  If there were not two borzois living here with me, I would go to the Jersey Shore for the day and cool of on a beach.  In fact, I am very tempted to call one of the hotels or bed and breakfast inns I like in Cape May and leave for a few days.   However, that would also cause me problems with the borzois, so it is only a fantasy.

I am determined to let “Jelly” and “Tresor” live out their remaining lives happy and free from as much stress as possible; that is my choice.  I do not want to be one of those weepy women writing on Facebook about how I how to say goodbye to this borzoi or that and RIP because out of the blue it bloated, or died of respiratory failure from a too long walk in the heat.  How such a big, strong, and robust dog as a borzoi can be so fragile is one of nature’s paradoxes.  And so, here are “Jelly” and  “Tresor” basking on my deck, under the shade sail, one evening when the weight of the heat had left the day, watching me as I cleaned up their yard.  We get through life together.