And she said, “Dare to hope!”

At lonely during the holiday times like these I cling to the words I heard spoken in an affirmation at my church, “Dare to hope”!

I attended the Christmas Eve evening service there, at the UCS, and enjoyed singing all of the carols, listening to the readings, and holding the lit candles. It’s nice to be taken back to a simpler time of faith when such things were absolutes and comforting. I let them do that for me this time. I felt I needed that. I don’t want to think too hard about things these days, but just let the waves of life roll over me as best they can to comfort me.   I find life too painful to contemplate now and I want to steer clear of such thoughts called contradictions. Living without the joy my borzoi would bring is also hard, but it a wonderful goal to see at the end of a difficult time.

For now, the most I can dare to hope for is my new borzoi, “Jelly”.  I hope I can live up to her expectations of me.