Blyss Blog Encore – Dimensions of Blyss

I, Lorene Connolly, am the Moderator of the Blyss Blog Encore, the sequel to the rather long lived blog I had previously, Blyss Blog that covered 2006 – 2014. In it, I expand on the content of the website for Blyss Kennels, at Because my dogs have passed, it is now an historical record of and a memorial to the beautiful dogs that lived there from 2002 – 2014. In it, I created a voice in cyberspace where I could tell their stories and they could shine like twinkling stars against the black backdrop of eternity.

I am grateful to the Blyss borzois for expanding my world. They have pushed me beyond my physical comfort zones making me a physically stronger person and inspired me to reach beyond my natural boundaries of excellence in my writings. This is especially demonstrated where in two of my poems, I hail the breed as idealized creatures of love and beauty, such as in “Opal’s Prayer” ( and in “Hounds of the Steppes”, where I describe them as being of another world, and therefore always unattainable, see(

Through immersing myself in the transforming powers of pure love and natural beauty, by being grounded, mindful, purposeful and serene, and how the Blyss borzois helped me to integrate these accomplishments into my life, comprise the themes of Blyss Blog Encore. I welcome you to visit and read about my visions and vistas as if looking through the viewfinder of a kaleidoscope for the first time.