Blyss silence, so very wrong even if justified.

I know it is wrong of me to keep the news of my kennel to myself.  It is just that I now have two borzoi living with me, something I never thought I would have in my life again, and they consume a great deal of my time and energy.  Still, I want to get it right and write it all down for myself if not for others who find themselves in a similar situation.  And, someday they will be gone like the others before them, and the words that I write today will help keep them alive many years from now.

The house and their care would overwhelm me were it not for my boyfriend, “LT” and all of his support.  I simply could not do it alone anymore.  Every day is a struggle. I am aware of the little, or not so little, victory of simply getting out of bed.  Then, once on my feet, the confrontation with a terrible image, an encounter gone wrong, or recollection of one bad memory can send me reeling into near immobility for hours.  Once there, I contemplate my solitude.   And what to do next, I wonder, the challenge of eating and then facing the long day that lies ahead all appear an endless series of impossibilities.  Therefore, it is good the borzoi are here because there is so much to do for them.  Afterwards, I am ready to face the day.  Still, without my boyfriend,”LT”, a most special man, it is unlikely I could do it as well. I believe I could do it, but it would be much harder indeed.


This week on October 1, 2015 is the Morris & Essex Kennel Club dog show, held here in New Jersey at Colonial Park in Somerset NJ.  It is the oldest kennel club in the state and one of the country’s largest dog shows.  Within an hour away, it is not a show to miss.  This year, Tresor is being entered again.  Five years ago, he was entered, too.  It was his last show prior to Bob becoming ill, seemingly overnight.

Tresor_MG_2246_zoi_25_web He looked so grand, shown to perfection by Bob who showed no sign of illness.  Life can be so capricious.

Time passes, and with it brings many unforeseen changes.  Instead of my husband, today I have “LT”.  He is as good as Bob, if not better, in getting a dog ready for the ring.  I bought a new high-power “K-9” blow dryer to assist with attaining a more professional look, as well as a canine coat volumizing spray.  I have Tresor’s coat in good condition so he should look the right way in the ring.  And, “LT” is going to be his handler.  Even if Tresor does not win any points, they will both have a good time.

Jelly’s breeder, N24, will be coming over Wednesday afternoon to stay over with us.  She is bringing her very promising puppy bitch, “Jezebel” whom “LT” may be handling, too.


Tonight’s walk was the first time I felt chilled, that I felt the fall air, and that perhaps I should have been dressed more warmly.  Not wishing to delay the walk further, I stepped into it and endured the chill on my skin.   I wished for the warmth of summer nights even if the heat of their days was too much to enjoy.  But I realized I had to adjust again, to moderate myself like a meter to the world around me, and perhaps even so did my borzoi.   Again, perhaps this is best, because the borzoi can truly run and play all day out doors without worry for their respiratory health.  So for their sakes, I shall welcome the arrival of the cool weather even if I prefer the warm.  On the walk, I let my mind wander and it did to the different clothing I needed to get ready to put on in a moment’s notice:  fleece lined slacks, fleece vests, did I say “fleece” on everything?  Then, an occasional fleece lined parka: a shearling jacket?  And none of it a fashion statement.  I am unrecognizable when I walk my borzoi.