Blyss Tresor: A Poem

Connolly 3 IMG_5855

Tresor Love

With the bliss that is only you, I see eternity reflected in your eyes

I wish for that forever. You arrest my love. You are its end point.

I know I will never have this again.

However between us, you are the better one. More pure

In comparison to my essence, never compromising, never selling out.

You will be the same you, every day.   And it is my job

To give you that right.


I notice, too, that you have grown up very well

And you make me proud. It is I who err on the side of

Self pride and vanity. That is wrong. You are the zenith

Of and transcend your species and your breed within it.

I am merely the keeper of the mundane: food and shelter,

And for perhaps more, for unconditional love, so necessary,

Perhaps you know that, too.


Yet you never exploit or degrade me in return

Only make me want to give more

My friends know it is you who have my heart,

And so they strayed.

You whose simple days comprise the stories of my life that matter

In the fields and cultivated park lands where we walk together

I am sure to write it down.

For the record…… and get it right.

I only wish I could lose the leash and let you run free

Like you did when you were a puppy.

But today I know you would not return.