Blyss Tresor Upate

Tresor, after having been taken to the veterinarian twice now and been prescribed several medications, some for pain management, is doing somewhat better.   Good news is that he is not systematically ill, nor does he have any kind of tick-borne disease.  Although the cause of the pain in his neck still is elusive, we are all hoping for the best, that is, that he threw it out, and has a pain from it, and the cause is not due to a serious neurologic problem, such as a cervical disc anomaly.

I endeavored to walk him a short distance both yesterday and today, and he did rather well.  He wants to get up and go out, he is a borzoi, after all!  He is finding it difficult to accept his confinement.  I have ordered him a certain kind of a harness that should help him, and us, with his walking.  This should alleviate any further pressure on his cervical spine or musculature in that area, and he should be on a positive projectile toward healing.  It is sad to hear him cry out in pain, and cry out he does.  He lets me know every time he hurts, and expects me to come to him immediately to comfort him.  He is still so reminiscent of the little pup I had in the whelping box.  He would always look to me for comfort or assurance, as if I could fix anything if it went wrong.  Today, he still trusts me that way.  I am overcome with the feeling that I must not let him down – ever.  How I love him!