How in an instant everything changes, at Blyss

I had a sudden accident walking Tresor.  He saw a groundhog and he bolted.  I  held on for dear life, and fearing loosing him, broke my shoulder in the process.  Dragged, and finally forced to let go, I began calling his name in a weak voice hoping for the best.  It would be a terrible thing for him to “run away” for many reasons.  Using all of my strength, I began walking to the area where he could be, and to the answers of all my prayers, there he was.  I was able to retrieve him, and together we walked home.

Life, never easy under normal conditions, has suddenly become more difficult.  However, a new group of friends and acquaintances has materialized wishing to help us.  But most of all, I have advertised for and found people to assist me with Tresor, in particular, I have found a professional dog walker.  She is a woman, N32, who will be Tre’s walker.  We took one walk together to see how he would react with her.  We walked through a  recreational area of town with him, where there were soft-ball games being played.  One family had their dog.  Tresor clearly saw him.  However, he made no reaction whatsoever.  N32 felt this was a very positive sign for her, that he clearly looked to her as an alpha figure and allowed her to manage the situation.  He clearly would have created an aggressive scene if I were there alone.   This was a wonderful breakthrough for him because he enjoys getting out for walks and socializing with people.  This is someone who can clearly increase the quality of life for Tresor by doing something for him that I cannot.

I also asked people who are active in town at the Catholic Church if they knew of any families who might have members who would enjoy helping me take care of the borzois while I am incapacitated.  Fortunately for me, just such a family was found.  They are planning to come over today or tomorrow to meet me and the borzoi.

Then yesterday, a woman whom I have known for many years from the Watchung Reservation and who owns a Dalmation, N 33, came over to visit me and to take Jelly out to the Reservation with her and her dog.  I don’t want to neglect her during my recovery when so much attention attention is being showered on Tresor.

So overall, it was an unfortunate accident, but several good outcomes resulted from it.  My son is even coming over to visit  me from NY City tomorrow!