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How long must I wait at Blyss?

There are many reason why I believe I should have another borzoi but perhaps none more compelling than when I see friends I have not seen in several months, or perhaps do not read the Blyss Blog, and they ask how my dogs are.  When I tell them the Blyss Borzoi are all gone now, they express so much shock and sorrow and then ask me if I am getting another borzoi.  Of course I am, I tell them, and my goal is to have one by the end of this year.  It is then that I introduce “Jelly”, of the Bibikov Kennel in Cross River, NY, a four year old finished champion.  Then, I see their faces light up with happiness for me, and I smile back and even laugh a bit.  That is how I know I have made the right decision.

Blyss Human Condition

Basically, I am happy here.  I could be “happier”, I suppose, but that is the human condition.   We can all always be happier.  But I know I am lucky to be as well off as I am, given that I am not a particularly beautiful or wealthy or married older woman, just sort of out there somewhere between this and that.  Please know that I appreciate life’s gifts so much.  And this opportunity to have a normal relationship with my mother even if at the end of her life means so much to me in bringing me comfort and joy.  It is somewhat akin to the memory of the love I have felt for the Blyss borzoi in my life, now gone.  And soon my mother will be gone, too, after this all too  brief passing by in the hallways of our lives where we briefly intersected after a long absence.  It was sad to have been and although not by my choosing I nevertheless had to accept it with grace.  And no sooner had we met, we had to say good-bye again.