The Blyss Dream that many will not understand.

Found this on Facebook Sunday, May 31, 2020. I did not create this poetic essay, but I modified it to make it more suited to myself. I found it so appropriate to me. It rang true. I shared it with my Facebook friends and thought I would place my edited version here.
I edited it to more accurately described my unique experience with my own dogs.

My Dogs are my personal dream.

One day when I am very old and when I can not walk anymore, they will be in my heart as a trophy of my memories.

I met people who taught me something and have the same spirit and I met others that I’m glad I forgot.

I got wet,

I felt cold,

And I felt warm,

I was afraid,

I fell,

And I stood up,

I even hurt myself, I have been broken,

But also, I laughed out loud inside .

I spoke a thousand times with myself.

I sang and shouted with joy like a madman,

And yes … sometimes I cried.

Once I died.

I have seen wonderful places and lived unforgettable experiences.

I stopped a thousand times to see a landscape with my dogs.

I spoke with perfect strangers, and I forgot people I see every day.

I went out with my demons inside and returned home with a feeling of absolute peace in my heart.

I always thought how dangerous it is, knowing that the meaning of courage is to advance even when feeling fear.

Every time I go out with my dogs, I think about how wonderful they are.

They make me so proud.

I stopped talking about it to those who do not understand, and I learned to communicate with others of the same mindset.

I have met some amazing people I now call friends from all over this big world because of my dogs.

I spent money that I did not have, giving up many things. 

I spent retirement  and mortgage monies on vets and handlers, but all these things are not worth even one special moment with my dogs, helping them get well, helping them shine.

They are not just a pet or a thing that I own, they are the lost part of my soul and my spirit.

And when someone says to me: “It’s just a dog”, I do not answer. I just swing my head and smile,

A dog….. only the person who loves them understands it.

May God bless my friends and all their dogs.

And may the adventure continues.