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Opal's Epilogue

Opal was a very special borzoi. She blessed my life. Yet, fate gave Opal a cruel paradox: her love and beauty, goodness and sweetness had no equal yet she was predestined, tragically, to die young. The symptoms of her disease were subtle yet for most of her life she appeared healthy, happy and was active - a normal dog in every way. However, there were subtle clinical signs that did not go unnoticed by me. Still, they were not sufficiently significant, in light of other factors, to either her breeder or her veterinarian, to warrant testing or intervention. It was not until she was just over one year old did her condition finally warrant it. When those results were available, they indicated her death was imminent.

Yet from afar, destiny had brought us together that day cold day at Raynbo, laying in place the circumstances that would bring her to Blyss. We recognized immediately that Opal was special. With us at Blyss, Opal was able to live the life of a beloved house dog. Never kenneled, and living in our home as she did, she was never allowed to be cold or endure the rigors of a show dog's life, although that was what we thought she would be.  She clearly had other plans for her life, and who were we to argue?  Clearly, she was meant to be our dog because it was she who needed us, having been sick from birth.  We accommodated her in full measure, long before we understood why.    Then, one day, we did.  Throughout everything that followed, sick or well, she was always a happy dog up until that riveting moment she died in my arms, leaving me too soon.  Broken in spirit, I returned her to from whence she came.  To the end, Opal's pure and gentle spirit never wavered. Opal was the embodiment of love and beauty, goodness and sweetness. That was her gift to us.

Opal's Memorial


Suddenly, it was the appointed day: July 7, 2006. We were there now - in the Veterinarian's office. The very moment itself had arrived. I understood it was time for Opal to leave us. I placed her across my lap as I sat on the floor and held her close to me one last time. She was never so dear to me as she was then, at that last moment! An eternity had passed all to quickly: her time with me was done! The doctor administered the drug that would set her free. As I watched him work, our eyes met briefly. We were both grief stricken. How I wished I could be with her.... go with her... someday I must learn to want to live again! I whispered to him, "Is she gone? Is she gone?" Sadly, he replied, "Yes". Silently, I repeated the words, over and over, "...Let her go... let her go..." Then I released Opal, my beautiful white Hound, to Heaven!

October 7, 2006

Opal, today I release you
Fly to Heaven away!
Break free the fetters that made you die
Go with God to immortality.
In the shimmering stars you may see
An outline take form ~ A white hound in the sky ~
It is she! Although she was never far from my sight
I gave her to Him and He to Eternity.
Earth: bereft one dog, surplus one crown;
Heaven: a sun for the day, a star for the night.