Ch. Blyss O’Majenkir Heavenly Treasure


CH. Majenkir Regal By Design x CH. Majenkir My Ksar Mikhailovna

December 8, 2008 – December 9, 2017

I had to let Tré go suddenly yesterday during a visit at a veterinarian’s office.  It was nine years & three days after he was born there.  It was the happiest day of my life when his great dam, “Michailya”, gave us our only Blyss Kennels litter.  There was never a finer spirit of a borzoi than he.  I know he wanted to stay longer with me but I could not let him suffer to do it.  I let him go. Farewell, CD Blyss O’Majenkir Heavenly Tresure: “Trésor”!   Run Free with all the other great borzoi spirits in heaven:  with your great dam, “Mikhailya”, and your notable littermate, “Magnus”/”Max” until we meet again.  I will find you there!

I wished for so long… cannot say
All the precious moments…cannot say
Its not like wings have fallen… I cannot stay
Still something is missing…I cannot stay

Holding hands of daughters and sons
In their phase they’re falling down
Down, down, down

I have wished for so long…
How I wish for you today

Will I walk the long road?
Cannot say……

Eddie Vedder.  The Long Road

Trésor Returns to Blyss

Trésor arrived on December 4, 2008. He was one of three tiny puppies to which our “Mikhailya” gave birth, sired by “Regal”, Ch. Majenkir Regal by Design. It was a long and arduous day for Mikhailya. She required an emergency Caesarian Section in the end, and it was successful, with all viable puppies saved.

We are infinitely grateful to Karen Staudt-Cartabona of Majenkir Borzoi, Reg., for making this litter possible. We are proud of all three puppies, and wish we could have kept them all. We agreed on the one Karen selected for us on the first day of their lives when I sent her the first photos. We named him “Trésor”. He is the one most like his dam, the one with unmistakable Majenkir type, readily apparent, from birth.

Breeding this litter has been the culmination of a life-long dream for me. I am so happy the breed was borzoi. The joy was – and still is – inexpressible. For me, it almost redeemed the loss of our Opal but not quite, that was too different an experience. I am stronger now and more able to take joy in life’s gifts, and surely, I recognize that this experience was such a gift. Having Trésor here with us now is an embodiment of a gift inexpressable to articulate, as losing Opal was the embodiment of a loss inexpressible to endure. I know we took a great leap of faith in agreeing to breed and whelp this litter, and we are so grateful for it’s outcome. If one prays, this is one of those time to give thanks. It could have ended very differently, as we all know. I looked forward just far enough to do this, and so I try to do more so, with each passing day.

Again, Bob and I thank our mentor, Karen Staudt-Cartabona for allowing Mikhailya to be bred to her beautiful boy, Regal. We also thank Roni and Jennifer Zucker for their many trips to Blyss Kennels to help us with the pups at critical times and to answer our endless questions.