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Casanova's Tribute

Casanova was our first Borzoi. We owe our friend, Joseph Lara, an enormous debt for entrusting this beautiful dog to us. Joseph was a good teacher and mentor to us, and with his guidance, we debuted with Casanova in the ring two years ago at this very show. We continued to show him for about one year but Casanova seemed unhappy in the ring and never seemed to win. After a break of several months, we took him to a cluster of shows in North Carolina where Lee Pryor handled him, but the outcome was the same. Upon returning from North Carolina, he became gravely ill. We decided he would be a happier dog as a pet.

In the meantime, we realized we loved the breed. Other borzoi joined our family and we established Blyss Kennels at our new home. We bought a van and began to travel with our dogs visiting relatives out of state and taking them along on our vacations. At first, Casanova hated it. He had a way of making himself sound like a herd of stampeding elephants, and we listened to this for mile after mile. Then one day, it stopped. Although he was always a gentleman, at first, he did not let strangers pet him. Gradually, this has changed, and today, he lets people whom he does not know pet him. Now he is happy to make new friends and even walks up to strangers to be petted.

We thought he would enjoy seeing everyone again today at the Specialty of the Borzoi Club of Greater New York where he made his debut two years ago. He sends his love to Joseph Lara, and says hello to all the friends he has made since coming to our home, Blyss Kennels, where he is so dearly loved.

Lorene Connolly and Bob Dwyer 
Blyss Kennels 
Mountainside, NJ 
April 19, 2005