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If I Did Not Have Dogs

What would be the point? What would it be about - only me? My house, my car, my money, my children, my job? Don't they all get spent or go away? A dog does not, and may never choose to leave your side. A dog does not fall out of love, a dog always remembers you as you first were, and his love for you does not change, even long after it should, a dog is eternally forgiving. Always loyal, always true, people are not really like that, are they? They are all too human, though we love them, too. Life would be so much harder, so much sadder, and so much darker, and so much more lonely if I did not have dogs:

The Dogs of Blyss Kennels:

Lara's River of Dreams
Blyss Paris Lights of Lido
Blyss Ebony
Raynbo Opalesque at Blyss
Majenkir My Ksar Mikhailovna

Over the Bridge:

Brideshead of Mountainside


Lorene Connolly
Blyss Kennels
Mountainside, NJ