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Mikhailya in Repose

The dog in repose....  it was a simple sleep and I took great care not to disturb it
I went about my every day chores that piled until they crushed me and made me cry out in pain.....
how I wanted to run away from them but where to?
I had this dog I could not leave.

Maybe she would not miss me..... she slept so much
But she had a keen intelligence like another that came and left before her
Oh why must they be of a quality so high from which they never die
But kill me slowly instead.

I could take a cruise, or go to a day spa, or stay in a special kind of place
At the Jersey Shore, a “bed and breakfast”  so nearby  but then I
Remember her eyes as black as coal and I stop dead in my tracks.
She only has me

Tears are cried with all too much facile but never her always strong
That she could take anything life threw her way and did!
Once she had a Master she adored now a foolish Mistress in his place.  
Where to go?  What to do?  But wait..... One day she will walk again and find Him.

Mikhailya napping in the chair

Lorene Connolly
Blyss Kennels
Mountainside, NJ
July 2013