Very good news for Blyss from Japan on Facebook


I would like to share wonderful news I saw on April 7, 2015 on Facebook posted by a handler for Belisarius Kennels in Japan, Shota Hirai.  He had previously handled Mikhailya’s puppy there, “Magnus”, or “Max”, as they called him.  He was from Mikhailya’s only litter of three puppies, and in Japan he was successfully campaigned and was a Best in Show winner borzoi.  Shota Hirai posted on April 7 that he had handled a Max daughter, and it was not the first one, to a Best in Show win at the FCI International Dog Show being held there.    It was a bitch, as were the others, and her name is CH Belisarius My Sassy Girl.    She is by Majenkir O’Blyss Magnus out of Belisarius JP Ambience.

I wrote to N5 who owned the stud dog to congratulate her, and remind her of Mikhailya’s and her “Regal’s” role.  She wrote back to me with words of wisdom, acknowledging that I had a role in carrying genes forward, and that something from my kennel produced something lovely for another kennel years later, although I would not receive much in the way of congratulations.  Actually, at the time Magnus was being shown, I received much in the way of congratulations but now, the accolades go to  her.  She is my mentor and she bred Mikhailya, she is the one who is remembered.   She is a great and very wise borzoi breeder and will always be recognized for her incredible work in the breed covering many decades of life.  I am not her equal and never will be.  I look to her for the credit, too, and do not begrudge it to  her one bit.  I am honored it was Mikhailya, with her Regal, who proved herself as she did.  As N5 wrote to me, “most successful show dogs are dead ends and sadly do not produce much in the way of quality.”