A Quiet Winter at Blyss; Until Westminster!

I cannot seem to overcome my negativity about being alone in the heart of winter and so I feel no need to write about it in my blog.  We are all well at last.  Jelly had a serious injury last October that kept her in pain until well into January.  I am so grateful all of her problems appear to have dissipated.  Now I have to work harder on mine.

Now, it is only mid-February.  So much snow is still expected to fall.  A kind neighbor snow-blowed my driveway last week when we had a large snow-fall.  I do not seem to be able to shovel anymore.  My body tells me, “No”.  I listen.  My  mind tells me things, too, and  although I do not know what to make of them, I listen.  They are not good.  But not only do I listen, I believe.

But all is well with Tresor and Jelly now.  I have fun with them, and I can truly say they are my only joy.  I live alone now, friendless, and as they say, even when I meet someone, “The Song Remains The Same” by Led Leppelin, or like the B side of a 45 with a bad needle stuck in a groove.

This week was the 141st Westminster KC Dog Show.  Again, for the second year in  row, Lucy,  my Blyss Kennels’ “Mikhailya’s” grand-daughter, won Best of Breed.  Sadly, she did not win the Group.  She was robbed by  Norwegian Elkhound handled by a very old, frail woman with a strong presence in past Hound Group rings whom the Judge acknowledged.  Lucy was given a Group Four instead.  My son and I were there in person Tuesday night to see the Sporting Group, Herding Group and Terrier Group judging, and Best in Show.

Somehow, we got over that Lucy was not there and had  lot of fun.  I got to stay overnight in his new apartment in the East Village.  It was a happy and fun occasion.  Then, Wednesday I had to take a  taxi to Penn Station to catch a NJ Transit train that would take me home to the Summit, NJ station.  A girl-friend picked me up.   We had lunch in Summit and fantasized we were on the Upper East Side instead.

I don’t know how any of this has happened to me.  Why am I here in such a lonely place, I ask myself? I am beginning to believe true happiness is not meant for me in this world.  When my borzoi both pass away, I will a have to reevaluate what I am doing.  But for now, living with perfect love, borzoi love, this is as happy as it is going to get.  For now, they can make me smile.

Lucy – Head Study
Westminster Group 4 Rosette