Another new Blyss day,or I should be lonely because Jelly is away

Today, I woke up to a new week.   However, it has a different feel from the days of last week.  In one way, I am happier because the intense volatility of  the significant relationship in my life has settled into a pleasing point along the happiness continuum of my mind.  I am truly grateful that I am with someone  I can truly trust and love.  Also, I have some free time because Jelly is away with her co-breeder and handler, N3, about whom I have written previously.   She is handling Jelly in local area shows for me.  In mid-May, we will be traveling together to Huron, Ohio to the Borzoi Club of America’s (BCOA) Annual National Specialty Show and N3 will be handling Jelly for me there, too, in the Best of Breed class.  I will be especially proud that day to be sitting ring side knowing that it is Jelly’s turn to participate in this prestigious show.

However, I want to use this time well that Jelly is away to catch up on things that I have let slide.  It’s easy to do that when you have dogs around because their needs are so immediate.  You can say I have only one dog, Jelly, however I have been spending time with her breeder and owner of her dam, N24.  When I am at her home, I get to enjoy time with not only Jelly but Jelly’s beautiful dam, her dam’s littermate, and two six-month old very promising puppies.  Being in the company of so many beautiful, sweet borzoi imparts such joy to me.  N24 will be showing these puppies beginning this week and they will be shown at the BCOA Specialty Show in Ohio.  In addition to taking Jelly there, we will have the two puppies as well.   The litter is Futurity nominated so will be in the ring for the very first class, Tuesday afternoon.  I am so excited about going and being there it makes me breathless.

I am not endowed with sufficient funds necessary to campaign these dogs as they deserve to be.  However, the future is before me and I like to think that anything can happen and a situation can change.  Perhaps I can co-own one of these puppies, and together N24 and I can campaign them.  There might be a way.  I feel optimistic.  I feel a great swell in my heart for them whenever I see them, spend time with them or watch them play together.   My Jelly plays with them endlessly as if she were the ever-patient, all loving dam.  You do not see that much canine compassion to that degree for another bitch’s puppies, even one’s own puppies, very often.  In my own Mikhailya litter, Mikhailya was through with her puppies when she weaned them, although she always loved and recognized them.  It was our beloved Blyss Paris who took right over to raise them, and eventually be the teacher and companion Tresor so badly needed.  I see Jelly doing that with N24’s puppies, and it is a beautiful thing to watch.  N24 and I can watch the play and banter all day.  She is very lucky to have these two developing borzoi from her litter and I wish her all the best of luck for success.  I think they are both outstanding.  The photo below shows us relaxing together at her home admiring Jelly.