Blyss Kennel: Gratitude and Reminisces, Champion Dog Tresor

I had not mentioned in any previous postings that when I placed “Tresor” in March 2011, he only needed three points to complete his Champion Dog title. This was part of the reason I always thought of him and later, wished to have him back. I always felt connected to this special borzoi and never gave up on the possibility that someday, somehow, that would be accomplished. With his sudden return in July 2015, that possibility could be realized.

However, accomplishing this title was a team effort. Two very dear and close friends (Jennifer and Roni Zucker of Raynbo Borzoi), assisted me with the work of completing his title; as did Frances Wright of Bibikov Kennels, his very talented handling instructor, Stacey LaForge-Gross, and his trainer, Nick Valentino. So, it was a group effort, not to mention the day in and day out work of caring for him, a great deal of which is done by my boyfriend, LT.

“Tresor” earned his Champion Dog title during the following events and under the following judges:

8/28/2015: Newton Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog and Best Opposite (1 point)

(Mrs. Janet Lobb)

8/29/2015: Newton Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog (1 point) (Mr. Houston Clark)

8/30/2015 Sussex Kennel Club, Winner’s Dog, & Best of Winners (2 points)

(Mr. Hal Bierman)

My special thank you goes to Mrs. Janel Lobb, Mr. Houston Clark, and Mr. Hal Bierman for recognizing the quality of my borzoi, “Tresor”.

I am overjoyed for these accomplishments for “Tresor”. Yet today, I reminisce.

I think of “Tresor”’s great dam, CD Majenkir My Ksar Mikhailovna, “Mikhailya”, whom my husband loved so much and she him. I remember how she grieved for him when he died, and had to live another two years with me and was not happy.

I remember the cruel day I had to give up “Tresor”. And then, I sent “Paris” away too.

There were so many hard things like that I had to do and do alone, over and over again. After a while, I felt nothing anymore.

Today, it is strange how so many very sad, terrible things have gone away into the past like last autumn’s leaves. I think how wonderful it would be if “Mikhailya” had lived longer to see “Tresor” return to Blyss. “Mikhailya” herself was a Champion, and I hope somewhere, somehow, she too knows her much loved son earned his Champion Dog title today. I hope somewhere else in the universe of time my husband knows “Tresor” came home in July and that he finished his title. Yet we must accept life on its terms and we shall never know. The universe is very grand and mysterious, and it is not for us to understand how it works. Therefore all of these strange and diverse things are possibilities. Most importantly of all, Tresor came home.