Blyss Kennels Musings in Poetry: a Poem

From time to time, I write poetry, and it has been some time I  have written any.  Usually it takes a suggestion or a jolt, so today I tried to secure one to see what would result.  Writing is never easy, especially without a collaborator or editor.  It is easy to be...

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And so the Days Pass at Blyss Kennels with Optimism and Anticipation

As the long, cool days of April come to an end, and I am especially impatient with the cool, or what qualifies as "too cold" to me, I turn further inward at retrospection - the delicious pastime of musings which comfort me - and wonder what tomorrow will hold.   I can...

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Blyss Kennels, Another Day, a New Day; The Invalid is still Alive

I had the chance to spend the day with Paris today, a day when I felt strong and healthy, and able to take good care of him.  I believe being with him gave me the energy I needed to jump start myself into the business of living.  It was a very good day overall and I...

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